Monday, December 17, 2007

The Aftermath

This morning when I looked out of the window I noticed my driveway was completely covered, not with a skiff of snow but at least two inches of freshly fallen snow on top of the two inches of packed snow.

There were foot prints leading to my mailbox. I assumed they belonged to the paper boy who delivered the Christmas flyers and Sunday paper yesterday. Momentarily, I felt bad for the kid having to laboriously make his way to reach my mailbox. Then I remembered he usually has his i pod stuck in his ear and totally oblivious to what's happening around him as he mechanically stuffs the flyers into my mailbox.

My dogs usually bark at him each and every time he comes up the driveway. Once I called to him to apologize for my barking dogs. He looked up at me and smiled as he pulled out his earphone and said, "That's okay, I don't really hear them anyway". He stuck his earphone back in and trudged on to the next house.

I thought of the mailman and knew that he doesn't have to deliver my mail if the path isn't cleared. This motivated me immediately to make him proud of me and thankful that I cared enough to make his job easier! If the truth be known, I want my mail and not have to go downtown to pick it up at the post office!

Since my property has a chain link fence and a gate across the driveway my mailbox is located outside of the fenced area. I keep my gate locked at all times. This keeps my dogs from bolting out the door and running all over the neighborhood.

I finally made my way outside with shovel in hand and started shoveling. I cleared a little cow path from my mailbox, down the driveway and the sidewalk in front of my house. Since I am no longer twenty and could have shoveled every body's driveway on the block, I only managed a partial job. I have completed my good deed for the day!I do plan on going out again to finish the remainder of the driveway. Maybe.

I haven't considered the driveway inside the fence, that's the dogs area and they pack it down pretty good when they go out to play. I usually do not have a problem driving my truck out of the garage since I have Micheline Ice snow tires!

I have Christmas music playing in the back ground. I think I will make another fresh cup of java, and read a favorite mystery in front of my fireplace. Well, it's a pretend fireplace. It's a CD of wood burning logs displayed on my TV screen. It looks realistic and inviting especially after shoveling snow. Just think, I don't have to haul out hot ashes, I just click the remote and presto the fire comes up with all the sounds of a crackling fire burning logs. There is something to be said for tradition!

Till next time, Cheers!

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