Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day of Reflection

When I got up this morning, I looked out of my window and behold a fresh blanket of snow had fallen during the night. It's still snowing ever so lightly.

I stood in my warm house with my birds chirping and my dogs barking thinking to myself there is no place like home!

I thought about my trip to Hawaii many years ago. It looked very much like the picture on this blog. Would I trade settings? In a heartbeat! I do enjoy the warmer weather as opposed to the cold winters we have in Saskatchewan.

The next seventeen days are my time for rest and relaxation; I can do whatever I want, when I want. I no longer have the pull of expectations and demands with the exception of my dogs wants and needs. It's interesting though, for some strange reason it feels like a prelude to retirement.

Well it's time for a "want", I am going to make my self another fresh cup of java. I do wish I could teach my shepherd how to make coffee. She's tall enough to reach the counter. Whereas, my Sheltie is so high strung she would end up trying to round up the coffee beans she spilled on the floor. My toy poodle, well he could care less or give a rip, he's probably snoozing in his basket.

Till next time, Cheers!

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