Friday, December 14, 2007

Final Day

I suspected that it would be a very busy week for me. I was not disappointed. Today I will wrap up all the loose ends and move my things into my new office which happens to be located across the hall from where I am now. I am hoping this is my last move until I retire. I will no longer be responsible for case work as I am now; I will be a Resource Development Trainer for foster parents. Over the years I have come in as a guest speaker for the foster parent training sessions. I enjoyed it immensely and now I get to do it full time. I will tell you more about the program as time goes on.

Speaking of next year, it's literally just around the corner 2008! where has all the time gone? Only yesterday, it was 1957 and I was nine years old! But I digress.

Yesterday we had out unit gift exchange. what fun, we all got gifts that warmed our hearts. Tonight, after work we will be heading over to one of my colleagues homes to celebrate Christmas, eat lots of food and play games, which reminds me I better not forget to bring what I had written on the list. I need to make a note to myself.

Till next time, Cheers!

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