Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Musings

It’s a cold Saturday, December 1, 2007, morning. I certainly do not want to venture out today. However, I do need to take a quick trip to the bank which I could have done yesterday (Friday), but didn’t because it was too cold outside. The weather report for this area states that it’s going to be a very cold winter. Burrrrrrrrr. This is one of the reasons that I plan all my trips to and from the house as once I am home I like to stay at home.

Yesterday, I wrote about weekend lists so I think I will walk over to the fridge where I keep my list of things to do and start at the top: clean bird cages. I have three of them (1) 10 lovebirds live in a cage that is 3’Lx6’Hx2’W; I have 13 budgies in a 4’Lx6’Hx2’W; I custom built these cages and last but not least I have a lone budgie, Blue in a wire cage. Her partner recently died and she’s not accepting any new partners. Blue use to live in the main cage but I had to move her because the hen laying female, Sunny was too territorial and would fight with her and almost did her in. I took Blue out of the cage as her foot was bleeding quite a bit and I figured she wouldn’t make it through the night. Much to my surprise, four months later, she’s doing fine with the exception of her beloved partner who died a month ago. Blue use to have difficulty flying but since having her on her own she’s strengthened her flying muscles. Last weekend when I was cleaning Blue’s cage she few out of the cage and few around the house. This is the most I have seen her fly without crashing to the ground. She’s doing pretty good and seems to not mind being on her own. She spends a lot of time in front of her little mirror chirping at her reflection.

I will sell my birds before I retire given my plan to go RVing as a fulltimer. This past summer I ran an ad to sell all the birds lock stock and barrel. However, people seemingly do not want the responsiblity of caring for so many birds. I will try again in the spring and perhaps advertize them separately or as pairs.

I digress; I don’t like long lists because it takes longer to strike off the items. Therefore, my lists are relatively short and usually tailor made for the weekends. If I do venture out today, I no doubt will be bombarded by all the Christmas sales. I love listening to the Christmas music in the mall and the stores. It does put you into the mood. Sleigh bells ring are you listening ....?

Well, I need my cup of java for the day and should get going for now. Till next time. Cheers!

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