Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Life of Riley

Yep, I am enjoying the "Life of Riley." Do you recall that expression? It's from the 50's. There use to be a TV show called by the same name. If memory serves me correctly, it was about a guy who loved laying in his hammock all day doing nothing.

His wife was inside the house completing her domestic chores and bringing Riley his drinks and snacks. I think he was retired. Sometimes Riley would talk over the fence to his neighbor who was cutting the grass and tell him that he had to cut his grass too, but would do it later. Consequently, the wife ended up cutting the grass. I wonder what made me stumble down memory lane and recall the above.

I am so use to being busy that doing less than nothing has been something for me to get use to. I know that when I retire I will definitely be doing something with my time. I like routine as do the dogs and I will likely get into one. The only difference being that my routine will not be driven by an alarm clock. I will set my own pace and routine for tasks and projects.

I was thinking the other day about this very thing. Since I still work full time, there is little time for me to get into the full maintenance my yard and house require. They are both too big for me. I would love to keep a manicured lawn and meet the Good Housekeeping Standard for the inside of my house! I do manage, as you know, to make lists so I don't forget that the furnace filter needs to be changed more than twice a year.

But I digress. I am enjoying the "Life of Riley" this Christmas vacation. I am just about finished watching CSI Miami Season Five on DVD. There isn't too much on TV these days as the writer's strike is still in full swing. I am glad I have most of my favorite shows on DVD to watch anytime I want to.

Years ago I wondered why anyone would want to buy a movie they have already seen. I have discovered the secret. People forget. I too, forget how the show ended. I may remember bits and pieces of an episode but usually forget who committed the crime.

Well, I have one more disc to watch from CSI Miami. I am looking forward to CSI Miami Season Six in 2008, given I haven't seen all of the episodes this year. I had best sign off as there is nothing on TV tonight that I am interested in.

Till next time,Cheers!

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