Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Lovely R&R Sunday

Yesterday (Saturday), I had full intentions of going to the mall. But when I got outside and saw the packed snow on my inside driveway, I decided I had better get rid of it before taking my truck out of the garage. Now, my truck likely would have made it, but what if it didn't? Then I would be stuck, literally.

I started shoveling. But since I haven't been clearing the snow in this area it was packed about four inches deep. The plus side is that I could break it up and then carry the bigger pieces over to the side of the house, which I did. Needless to say, after and hour and a half shoveling I was too tired to venture out to the mall. I went back in the house, made myself a hot cup of java and started supper. I will go shopping on Monday, the day before Christmas along with all the other last minute shoppers.

Hence, today is my R&R day! I am getting use to not going to work everyday and will find it hard to get back into the routine. This time off has been like a prerequisite to retirement. I think I could get use to this lifestyle. Just think next year at this time I will doing just that adjusting to my retirement lifestyle. I can hardly wait!

Till Next time, Cheers!

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