Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Burrrrrrrrr, It's Cold Outside

I awoke this morning to hear the weather report: "... it's a cold one this morning", said the annoucer with glee, "with lots of new snow swirling around as it hits the road. So bundle up and get out of bed you sleepy head."

To me, this is a day should be spent curled up on the chesterfield with a good book and a roaring fire in the fireplace! Now, if I was retired that would be exactly what I would be doing today.

The reality is, I must brave the new fallen snow and the cold just like the mailman and head out the door. The garage door will barely be able to open because of the cold and my even colder truck will no doublt have a hard time turning over. I just remembered that I have a quarter of a tank of gas left. Not a good thing. I know I should have stopped at a gas station before coming home last night. The trouble is I hate stopping for gas as I have to get out and pump it myself.

This is one of the mornings it would be nice to have a man around to go out start the truck, shovel the driveway and bring my my morning cup of java.

Wait a minute, I better wake up here. It's me that has to all that which means I have to stop writing and get ready to face the day. Oh yeah today, another day of sitting at the workshop, I don't think I will be coming home at noon today. The doggies will have to make due.

Teddy refused to get out of bed this morning to go outside, so he's still snoring away. He's wearing his brand new sweater to keep him warm, as one blast of cold air at the door and he heads back to his bed.

Till next time, cheers!

I just arrived home, let the dogs out, shoveled my driveway, let the dogs back in, checked the mail, let the dogs out again, finished the driveway, let the dogs back in, I went around the back to shovel more snow, actually a little cow path for the dogs, and now I am back in the house making a cup of hot chocolate for myself so I can sit by the fire with a good book!

I am back to work tomorrow and later in the day I am going on a short road trip. This of course will depend on the weather as it's still snowing outside and the visibility is poor due to the high winds. You get the picture I am sure.

Till next time, Cheers!

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