Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday: Day 1 of 5

This morning's routine was interrupted by packing for myself and the dogs. I woke up half an hour earlier than my usual 5:30 a.m. I let the dogs out and started packing. When the dogs came back inside and saw the suitcases they seemed to know something was up. All three of them were hanging around me instead of their usual practice of heading back to bed when they come in from the outside. Since I was catching a ride to work this morning I had to be ready when the phone rang. I had my coffee cup in one hand and my brief case in the other as I made my way down the path to meet my ride.

I no sooner arrived at work when I learned that i had to attend to a matter in court. I was wearing my traveling clothes (jeans) as I was only working till noon and then heading out on the road.

Before leaving for court I had to prepare some other court documents for the lawyer on another matter. Our support person was off today and the copier, printer and fax machine were acting up on our floor. I did find some one else to help me and had to leave for court before 9:30 a.m. when I arrived at court I couldn't find a parking spot and had to park a block away.

When I got back to the office, I turned in the keys and discovered that I forgot the parking permit on the dashboard. I had to go back to the parking garage, retrieve the permit. I did managed to get everything done before leaving for the day. This morning's events give new meaning to going with the flow!

When I arrived back home I loaded up the dogs in the truck and headed out to the kennel. Since the route to the kennel is the same as to the vet's office I am sure they must have been thinking, "not another trip to the vet". I got the dogs settled at the kennel and, left to to go back home, pack the car and head out.

I arrived in my destination three hours later. I am sitting here with my laptop typing away at this blog. I don't hear any birds chirping, no dogs barking, so I turned on the TV for some background noise. Dancing with the Stars is on right now.

I am glad I am here and off the road. I will be turning in soon and have to remember to call the desk for a wake up call!

But before I do that I will go downstairs to find out where we are meeting tomorrow.

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