Friday, November 23, 2007

Look at all the White Stuff ...

I am enjoying a three day weekend, how grand? It's snowing outside and I am inside looking out my window watching the soft white fluffy stuff gracing itself upon my driveway. Driveway? What a thought, I will need to go out at some point with shovel in hand and move all that white stuff to the side so I can get out of the garage come Monday morning. But I am getting ahead of myself. Yep, winter is here to stay and Christmas around the corner.

I am finally cleaning out my home office and finding all kinds of things I thought I had lost or sold at my garage sale last summer. Since I am in here I decided to "rip" some of my CD's on to the computer so that I can play them randomly with out having to insert them in the disk drive.

Well it's almost bedtime and would you believe it took me all day to re-organize my office? What a relief. I have been planning this project for weeks now and decided today was the day and I would stay with it not matter what. I am glad I did. It's an accomplishment. Tomorrow I will tackle the bird cages, yet again, it's a weekly job usually reserved for the weekend.

Yesterday, my fur kids spent the day at the groomers for their seasonal hair cuts. (I take the three of them together when the seasons change). Teddy, my Toy Poodle, is groomed more often. When I picked them up they smelled good, looked great and were very anxious to get into the truck and head for home. I have had the same groomer for all of them for almost seven years. She's great, loves animals and does a terrific job. I have recommended her to a few of my friends over the years. It's important to me that my dogs are treated kindly.

Till next time!

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