Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Morning

Imagine this view when you opened your blinds, coffee cup in hand, morning paper tucked under your arm as you make your way out doors onto your deck to enjoy Sunday morning bliss. Your dog(s) beside you lazily enjoying the brisk morning air.

I can see myself walking along the beach and the dogs frolicking in the water, barking with glee. My GSD loves to fetch as does my Sheltie. She loves playing with a soccer ball and tries to get it away from me when I am kicking it. No matter what height I kick it she seems to be able to pull it out of the air and run with it. When we are at the dog park she plays with three Dobermans that are chasing a tennis ball that their owner tosses for them. Haida is very proud of herself when she gets the ball away from the other two.

I just finished cleaning the bird cages for yet another week and am off to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items for the dogs and for my trip. It seems like I have been running the entire weekend. Tomorrow at this time I will be on the road on my way for a week of training. I am looking forward to the change in pace. I do have to go into the office first thing in the morning and wrap up a few things.

Well, Sunday has come and almost gone. Monday is slowly making its way over horizon. The other day, I heard Karen Carpenter singing: "Rainy Days and Mondays get me down", for years I thought she was singing Rainy Day Mondays get me down".

It's interesting how some of our perceptions of things can be wrong or misunderstood. For example, Mondays and Fridays are two days of the week that have different meanings for different people. Have you ever heard anyone say" "TGIM" (thank god it's Monday? We usually say" TGIF (thank god it's Friday).

I use to take every Monday off as a vacation day. I loved working only four days a week and every third Friday was my EDO (Earned Day Off), a government term, and I worked only three days, what a bonus!

When I arrived at work on Tuesdays, my day no sooner started and it was over and it was Wednesday, mid-week, after that it seemed like the weekend was just around the corner. It's all how you look at it.

My days are packed full with appointments, travel, writing reports, answering and returning telephone calls, reading and writing emails. I am already tired and Monday is yet to arrive. I am I glad for the up coming week? You bet! They say, (who ever they are), a change is better than a rest. Isn't that how I started this post? In my imagination I was sitting on the deck looking at the view, drinking coffee and reading the paper. A perfect Sunday!

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