Monday, November 12, 2007

The Day After ...

Ever wonder about the day after the day before? We usually don't think about the day after while we are in the present. Consider this: Today is the day after...

Yesterday, was Remembrance Day, as I see it, everyday should be "Remembrance Day". It's true though if it's not right in front of us we tend to not give it too much thought unless of course you watch the six o'clock news. We can't help but be reminded of the loss of many lives not only in the war, but on the streets of our cities where people are being gunned down and some of them are innocent victims killed by a stray bullet. The number of law enforcement officers (city Police, RCMP, State Troopers,) officers gunned down for doing their jobs and keeping the rest of us safe has risen significantly over the years.

The people that do remember are those that have lost loved ones. They remember everyday and every night the people they have lost. It never goes away. they always remember, even the day after they still remember.

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