Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winter Has Arrived

On Wednesday when our first blanket of snow fell out of the sky, it was followed by a couple of days of high winds and then more snow on Friday night. I noticed my neighbours on Saturday morning shoveling their driveways. Since my driveway also got snow I too was facing the same task.

However, later on in the day my younger brother came over to the house wanting a favor. Since I too needed a favor, I made a deal with him, I would comply with his request if he shoveled my driveway! He wasn't too eager but knew that if he didn't I wouldn't come through on my end of the deal. I have a 100 foot driveway divided by a chain link gate. You guess it, he shoveled only on the inside of the gate. I told him that I wanted him to shovel the entire driveway. He didn't think there was much snow in that area. I responded by telling him that it wouldn't take him long to finish. Reluctantly, he went outside and completed the task. Now it's not like he had to shovel two feet of snow, not even an inch.

Now it was my turn to come through for him. He wanted a hair cut. (In another lifetime, I was a hairstylist). He usually hits me up for a free hair cut. He reminded me that the last time I cut his hair was in August. When I looked at his hair I asked him if he cut it since then. He admitted he had but has a hard time seeing the back. Actually it looked like he'd used the hedge clippers on the front, sides and the back.

Now picture this: what if I only cut half of his hair and told him that I thought the other side was short enough and didn't need cutting. What do you think he would have said to me? Exactly, case in point. We both needed the jobs to be completed.

We had freezing rain last night and this morning the roads are rather icy. Not my favorite winter conditions but it comes with the territory. We are expecting more snow in the next few days which will likely put us in the thick of things. My neighbour across the road offered to blow out my driveway should we get a blizzard.
But then again, I can always call up my brother and offer to give him a buzz cut in exchange for shoveling out the driveway. Yeah right!

Today, I will mostly take it easy and maybe complete a couple of tasks before embarking on another busy work week. On Monday, I am in the office and on Tuesday-Thursday I am scheduled for more training sessions. I don't have to travel this time as the sessions are in town. On Friday, I am off, yippee! I can use some time off.

Since I haven't had breakfast yet, or my first cup of coffee for the day, I had better sign off for now. Till next time.

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