Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Teddy

Today is Teddy's sixth birthday. He will be celebrating with his two buds: Angel and Haida.

Teddy's birthday falls on Remembrance Day, Angel's on New Years Day and Haida's on April Fools Day! How uncanny, that each of their birthdays are on Special Days!

I chose Teddy when he was only three weeks old and brought him home when he was ten weeks. I trained Teddy to be my Therapy Dog when I worked as a family therapist. Teddy was a hit with not only the kids but adults as well. When clients arrived, I sent him to the reception area and he would bring them back to my office for their session. The clients related well to Teddy as he was always very excited and happy to see them. Teddy was also a mascot in one of the kids' group.

Teddy took early retirement and travelled with me to work in Texas. He loved the hot weather and no more snow! He quickly got to know two new fur kids in Texas: Flaco and Peppi (Teddy's girlfriend. The three of them had great fun playing together especially when I had to go on the road.

When we returned to Canada I went back to work as a therapist and Teddy joined me for awhile until he retired. I then decided to get Teddy a companion, a German Shepherd named Haida. Teddy made sure that she let Haida know that he was boss if the house. In January 2006, a Shetland Sheep Dog whom I named Angel completed our little family.

Happy Birthday Teddy.... and may you have many more with us!

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