Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Ramblings ...

Good Morning,

I slept in longer than usual this morning. I awoke from having several dreams seemingly all rolled into one. In one of the scenes I was in a big hotel walking down the corridor when I noticed a budgie to my right sitting on the floor and when I looked to my left I noticed a huge open area with all kinds of birds flying free. I wondered if this area would be closed in to avoid the birds from flying all over the hotel.

The scene changes and I see a huge dog wearing a camel colored coat. A lady waking beside the dog was also wearing an identical coat. I commented to her that it must be expensive to feed her dog. She smiled and kept on walking. Then I noticed her go to a bed that was standing in the hallway along with several other beds and she was searching for money that she had put under the blanket for safe keeping. I thought to myself that someone likely took the money after seeing her put it there. I wondered why the beds were in the hallway and not in individual rooms. I awoke.

When I started this blog, I commented under the heading: Who am I, that I pay attention to my dreams through dream work since 1985. There are many things that we do not work out in our waking state which then goes into our subconscious and often shows up in our dreams. Hence, each dream has a personal message. It's like getting a letter from our subconscious only it's written in symbols and we have to figure out what these symbols mean to us. We, the dreamers are the interpreter of our own dreams. Back in 1998 I came across one of the best and most informative dream sites on the web. Jane T. Anderson is a dream analyst and has written many excellent books on the subject. The following is a link to her website: Jane T. Anderson’s Dream Network (When you click on this link and get the 404 error message Click on the "clicking here" and it will take you directly to Jane Teresa's website. I am not sure why this is happening, I am trying to figure out why the link from my blog doesn't take you directly to her site.)

Jane Teresa has recently published another book: 101 Dream Interpretation Tips. She advertises this on her website. Enjoy!

*Please Note: On my sidebar under favorite sites I have created a direct link to Jane Teresa's site.

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